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Our office offers two effective tooth replacement options for patients who have experienced significant tooth loss: traditional and implant-retained dentures. Both options replace an arch of missing with durable false teeth. The benefits of a quality denture can be life changing.


Whether you are undergoing multiple tooth extractions, need to repair your current denture, or are seeking the benefits of an implant-retained denture, you can trust the doctors of Acme Dental and Implant Centre to provide you with quality restorative treatments that meet your oral health goals and budget.


Candidacy Considerations

Anyone who is missing a full arch of teeth is a candidate for a traditional denture as long as their gums are healthy. There are special candidacy considerations for patients who seek implant-retained dentures. Implant-supported dentures require the surgical placement of multiple implants (titanium posts). In order to safely receive implants, there must be sufficient healthy jawbone tissue present. One of our doctors will examine your jawbone using digital x-rays to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. Our dentists offer the advanced All-on-4® dental implant system that supports a full denture using only four implants. The titanium posts can be angled to maximize available jawbone tissue. For patients who have suffered jawbone atrophy, this system can prevent the need for a bone graft.

What are my denture options?

Patients have two basic options for dentures: traditional and implant-retained. Traditional Dentures Traditional dentures (also known as full or complete dentures) consist of an acrylic resin base and a row of false teeth. The denture may or may not be reinforced with metal. A traditional full denture is held in place through a combination of suction and adhesives. One benefit of a traditional denture is that it is more affordable than an implant-retained denture. Some patients find that the prosthetic is prone to wobbling and slipping, so patients should consider both options carefully. If you are unsatisfied with the performance of your removable denture, one of our doctors will be glad to explain the benefits of implant-retained dentures. Implant-retained Dentures Implant-supported dentures look like traditional dentures, but the prosthetic is held place by multiple dental implants. Implants are titanium posts that are surgically placed in the jaw. Our office offers the All-on-4 system that allows you to receive an implant-retained denture that is supported by four dental implants. Candidates who have suffered jawbone atrophy can often gain candidacy for implant-supported dentures through the use of the All-on-4 system.

How are dentures made?

Once your candidacy has been established, one of our doctors will take impressions of your mouth. The process of fabricating your denture requires multiple visits to our office so one of our doctors can ensure that your new prosthetic is a great fit. Our office works with a respected dental lab that will fabricate your denture from durable and natural-looking acrylic resin. Once your prosthetic arrives at our office, one of our doctors will ensure that it is a perfect fit. You will be given advice on how to clean and maintain your dentures. Implant-retained dentures require that patients undergo oral surgery. Your dental implant placement will take place at our office. If you opt for the advanced All-on-4 system, you can enjoy the benefits of “instant dentures.” All-on-4 implants can handle the load of a fixed denture immediately after surgery.

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