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Children's Dentistry

A beautiful smile is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children. At Acme Dental and Implant Centre, we love working with children and teenagers of all ages. We recommend that children have their first checkup by age one or within six months of the eruption of a baby’s first tooth.


Our dental team offers comprehensive dental care for children of all ages. Whether performing a cleaning, treating a cavity, or placing braces, you can expect quality and compassionate care from our dentists and team members.


The Importance of Early Dental Care

The road to a lifetime of beautiful, healthy teeth begins in childhood. Dental visits offer an opportunity for members of our dental team to teach the basics of good oral hygiene. Working with children requires patience and a gentle approach. Many parents entrust their children’s oral health to our team members, and we hope that your family will too. Maintaining healthy baby teeth is critical to ensuring that healthy adult teeth emerge later in adolescence. Through regular visits to our office, our dentist will closely follow the growth and development of your child’s teeth and supportive structures to ensure that developmental problems do not arise.

Common Childhood Dental Problems

Children’s dentistry involves more than cleaning teeth. Our dentists are qualified to identity and treat dental problems that are unique to children. Thumb-sucking, for example, can cause the front teeth to protrude, which can affect your child’s speech and jaw alignment. Although most children will outgrow the condition, our dentist will look for signs that your child is grinding his or her teeth at night. Children are very vulnerable to tooth decay. Whether it’s related to the use of a bottle or sippy cup or due to a sugary diet, cavities are a common dental problem that our dentists treat. This is one reason why members of our dental team will take great care to teach your child the importance of good oral hygiene habits. Our office also offers sealants and fluoride treatments that can prevent childhood cavities.

Orthodontic Treatment

By the age of 13, most children have lost all of their baby teeth. It is at this point that one of our doctors will determine if your child is a candidate for traditional braces or Invisalign clear aligners. Both treatments gently nudge teeth into better alignment. Metal braces may be ideal for treating complicated cases, such as wide gaps between teeth or severe misalignment. Invisalign allows your child or teenager to enjoy a discreet orthodontic treatment. The benefits of a beautiful smile are priceless. One of our doctors will be glad to explain your child’s potential candidacy for metal braces or Invisalign.

Checkups and Cleanings

For most children, twice-a-year cleanings at regular intervals and annual checkups are sufficient to ensure that your child is in good oral health. During your child’s cleaning, one of our dental hygienists will gently use a special tool to remove plaque and tartar buildup from your child’s teeth. Our office offers an advanced ultrasonic scaler that can remove tartar using high-frequency vibrations that cause little to no discomfort for your child. During checkups, one of our dentists will check the development of your child’s teeth and supportive structures. Any dental problems (like a cavity) can typically be treated right then and there.

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